CrossFit Gym Takes Honor System to the Extreme During Coronavirus Pause

NEW YORK – Despite being shut down because of the coronavirus, CrossFit Spot owner Billy De La Rosa is still helping his members stay in shape.

“A lot of people right now are home and their whole routines have been turned upside down, so this is our way to add some kind of stability to their normal routines,” said De La Rosa.

De La Rosa says they’ve gone to streaming free classes online for everyone, but they’ve also taken it one step further.

“What we’ve also done is we allowed our members one at a time to come by and pick up the equipment, so they can take it home, no charge to them. They just come pick it, sign it out and once we come back up they’ll bring all the equipment back,” De La Rosa said.

De La Rosa acknowledges it can be a challenge staying in shape at home without the benefits of a gym or a studio. But he says one of his coaches, Kari Pearce, a former CrossFit Open winner who is billed as the fittest woman in America, shows that it can be done.

“She has to be able to improvise now. Maybe take a barbell, but in her living room, you know? She already has a treadmill, a few pieces of equipment. She is going to continue to train and whether she has to do a whole bunch of body weight workouts, which is her specialty, she will continue to get after it,” said De La Rosa.

Although he has a positive attitude, this time hasn’t been easy for De La Rosa and CrossFit Spot, located on West End Avenue.

“For us as a small business owner, you know, when this happened I had tears coming down my eyes because I initially said to myself, ‘Wow, you know, all these years you work really hard to build something and from one day to another we’re shut down with no understanding of how long this is going to last’,” De La Rosa said.

De La Rosa says he’s confident many New Yorkers can figure out a way to stay in shape while social distancing.

“I’m a born New Yorker. One thing we have is resiliency. You know, when they tell us, ‘Hey, stay home, say quarantine,’ they follow the rules. There’s no reason for people to be out right now, so our goal is get people equipment and let them work out from home. If you don’t have to leave your house, you know, don’t leave your house. Let’s get this curve, let’s get it flattened out for us,” said De La Rosa.